Ramen again for dinner

i usually don’t complain but since my partner has been going to work at 5pm for her requirements to get her QMA my in laws haven’t been feeding me. i know that sounds pathetic but we have a kitchen just not much food in the apartment or back of the house. they said its for my own good that i can’t control myself. so tonight i am eating ramen again.

i like noodles, what flavour?

Watching what you eat and malnourishment are not the same…

beef flavor, i put chives and garlic salt with a few other seasonings in it/

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This sure reminds me of how Cults brainwash their people into sticking around, thinking they need ‘them’, instead of the other way around of course.

Proper nutrition is the key to good thinking, and as @flameoftherhine just said it correctly, you cannot think properly when you are malnourished.
Ramen is okay for one meal, not for two or more.

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i’d like those noodles, my dinner was a bit of a joke, heinz ravioli from a tin, it took minutes to heat up but i need to buy more food, all i have left is a curry bc i managed to get a little from the shop today, essentials like milk, bread, curry and rice, i really hated doing the shopping but my friend helped me and i helped her a bit too.

I used to watch a cartoon where eating ramen is celebratory.

It was back in 1977 in our house…first time ever I fell inlove…darn those tasty package of noodles making me hungry again.

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I’ve been trying to eat healthy with ready to grab food. But you made me crave noodles and I had some Ramon

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i don’t mind noodles i just don’t want them everyday

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Here in Hawaii we call it saimin, Its two packets of ramen, one egg mixed in once its hot and cooking, chives, diced cooked spam, fishcake, soy sauce some tobacco and graited parmesean cheese on top

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I’ll have to ask my brother if he’s had it yet, he likes noodles and stuff in it.

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the cheapest food isn’t ramen, it’s rice. that’s why Chinese restaurants give so much food.

I had a ramen dinner as well :slight_smile: mmm cheap food is the best food

Are u by any chance talking about Naruto ? :slight_smile:

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lately I have been eating just a salad from mcdonalds and a ready made soup at night and some fruits.

Next week I will start cooking some healthy stuff =)


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i really like ramen. it’s such an easy thing to make.

ramen usually needs water though. also I need meat.