Ramadan Holy Month

I would like to take a moment and greet the Muslims for the holy month of Ramadan. may the lord bestow his grace upon all of you.


I needed to know more about that part of the world by taking a college course through the library system, titled “Islam and the West” from the Modern Scholar series. It was taught by a professor who is from the Middle East and is given by way of audio lessons through CD’s. I think we all should be more educated in these different cultures since we share the same world with them and because it is getting increasingly smaller by way of the Internet World Wide Web services.

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I was raised Muslim.

Tried fasting when I was young and threw up.

My father fasts and all his nephews and neices fast from sun up till sun down.

When its night they all gather at someones house and have a feast.

Since today is a religious thread day im using an opportunity to join the wishes. :blush:
My father was a non practicing muslim and the best person I know.
It was long ago since I lost a holiness from my life but im still fascinated with the people who truly live it.

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