Radiohead...more than just a one hit wonder

I love all their albums…listening to “In Rainbows” right now…love that one…“creep” is their only known hit that I know of…that was what put them on the map anyways,. what do you think of Radiohead?


I like their song “Fake Plastic Trees” but a lot of their later music kinda comes across to me as pretentious and hipster-ish.


Kid A is one of the greatest albums of all time.


i like paranoid android

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I like

Fake Plastic Trees
Karma Police
No Surprises
Pyramid Song
I Might Be Wrong
Everything In its Right Place
Burn the Witch


Absaloutly love radiohead.


I like earlier 80’s English so missed the whole Radiohead thing. Street Spirit is quality but just not my cup of tea. Highly thought of by some. Not by others but isn’t that the English music press? :slight_smile:

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British music from the 80s 90s best bands ever.

Pop music destroyed and homogenized all music.


Always was pop music but the bigger markets kept things down till Nirvana broke the alternative market.

It was a shame because there were so many good bands from those times who never made it but produced great music but never really made it in the world of money.

Still. Saw some great English acts from that time that were amazing.

I still love Radiohead, but I have a tendency to wonder now if I do because of abandonment trauma being unresolved…

In particular I love Where I End You Begin because I think Thom said it’s specifically about abandonment.

Otherwise, I just think the lyrics are very obscure sometimes and I prefer more straightforward lyrics now.

Thom also said that with his writing he sometimes wouldn’t know what he was writing but the other band members would say it made sense to them.

I just think that was pretty cool.

I feel like the general lyrics are great for those that experience the harder side of life - like feeling alienated/rejected - and its very relatable and even cathartic.

… I don’t know if I like Creep though. Probably their worst song. I like some depressing stuff but that song is pretty bad for that lol.

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Radiohead is such a great band! I really like their song Karma Police.


I dont like that kind of music

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I like Radiohead. They are consistently good. First time I heard OK Computer I didn’t like it but heard it ten years later and I loved it. I am always ten years too late to what’s happening.


Great band high and dry, Just and exit music most amazing.

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I used to listen to in rainbows on repeat. I used to play a lot of those songs on the drums not perfect note for note but pretty close.

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I was 13 years old when Kid A was released. It really blew my mind. I had never heard music like it, and that’s when my Radiohead fandom begun.

Radiohead is “the” band for me. Seen them live couple of times. Thom Yorke solo once. He is a genius. I am pretty sure there will be no more new music from Radiohead. But The Smile is a really, really good band as well (Thom and Jonny play in it) and I can’t wait for The Smile’s european tour!

I just listened Moon Shaped Pool yesterday. Such beautiful music.

I had forgotten their music. Googled them and remember hearing them on the radio. Pretty sure I didn’t have any of their albums.

I saw that Band on 9/11 in Berlin open air.

Without words.

They played the gig.

This evening was incredible, burning money in the bars, apocalyptical feeling.

I love that electronic guy of that band, he was often hidden behind a wall of countless foot fx’s, i think Kid A is my favourite

I think @zwolfgang likes that song a lot. Ive heard it before it’s pretty dope.

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