Quotes written while i was manic

I just stumbled across a few quotes Ive written down when I was manic. You know those writings you have to write down because its just so darn important in that given moment but usually never make sence when your in a different state of mind. Those moments of clarity. The wisdom of the voices?! Anybody have any they want to share?

Even the faintest of inks is greater than the strongest of memories"

Society is what keeps you safe from losing your mind on your own from the other forces"


I like the first one.

psychosis makes writers of us all, I met a man on a bench and we had one thing in common, He was SZA I was SZ he told me He was a poet, and i believe him, he told me to write my delusions down, and I will.

try to build on what you demolish, don’t leave it barren.

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