Quitting antipsychotics success stories?

I stopped meds. It is not a success story yet, it has been too short a period. I think I quit in may 2022. It was very rough at first, now it gets better. I use as needed meds very rarely. This month I used 1mg haldol once.

For me, traumawork was important. Creating a safer situation. And diet, quitting dairy and gluten and all the other nasty stuff, is clearing up a lot. I do still have shitty PMS. But it isn’t nearly as bad as normal. And my baseline is much better. I do feel I will never get back to normal. I think, if I had been treated well in the beginning, I could have been cured. But now it is too late…too much damage of all sorts. :pensive: I’m still happy to be off meds though.

I’m very strict with diet now, though I wasn’t at first. And they are testing me for deficiencies, we expect solving those helps some more. Hope it will get a bit better still, and I won’t relapse. It is always scary, still.