Quite at family gatherings

When I’m at a large family gathering, I tend to be very quite and shy. I’m bad at making and holding a conservation. I feel like im constantly being judged. I feel like i’m very awkward and that my family doesnt like being around me.

Can anyone relate?


Yeah I am the same… if i have to go to family stuff, I prefer if my more extroverted siblings go with me so I don’t have to interact much


Exact same for me, i just feel huge shame


I have this too. I can have long conversations with myself in my head and have lots of stuff I want to say but when it comes to speaking out loud my mind becomes blank and I can only speak in short replies. People still talk to me though because they think I’m a good listener. I think there is a term for this but I don’t remember. I’m pretty sure it’s a SZ symptom.


I think this is it.


Yes. I feel the exact same way.


Yeah Im like this with everyone im usually the third wheel the only person i can talk to is my Mom


My family always expects the least from me. When I graduated college number 1 in my class, my family said they never thought I’d even be able to graduate from college. Obviously, they never noticed I was in a bunch of advanced placement courses in high school. Then again, I was emancipated at 16 so why would they notice?! But seriously, people tend to be mean to me. I never understand why. I just know I wouldn’t treat anyone else that way


Sorry to hear that… you deserve to be treated good.


Im that way in gatherings on general unless i know one person well enough to cling to them and talk to them


Thanks @TheCanuk . I must do something that triggers others that way. I just don’t what what I’m doing yeg


I feel i am doing everyone a favor by not showing up. Including myself.

I still struggling with isolation and socialization. I am taking on both.

Members who care about me understand and we make short small plans and that helps.


Oh I have a difficult time at family get togethers or being even just with one family member.

I’m usually uncomfortable and awkward and some of them don’t like me much and i know that and it makes it uncomfortable.

Some think they are so superior and may not value me much as a person or so.

I love love love my family but it’s definitely uncomfortable most of the time.

I could barely say hey to my brother n sisters granddad because I know he doesn’t like me and never has.
Sometimes I can see humour in it and laugh about it.

I also think my nephew is a Nazi and others too.
Maybe it’s delusional but he seems a bit stuck up.
I love him because he is my nephew but there are other children in the world that are so much nicer to me and respect fil and kind.


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