Quick song I made with lyrics

Saw blue skies in her eyes

She’s Who tries not to cry

Rivers running down her cheeks

Branching off to creeks

To ponds

So deep

The lawn

By the scene

The fawn

Eating green leaves from dusk to dawn

From us to them

We cuss we spend


Cmon don’t panic he

Went to spend

All his money on a Mercedes Benz

Hoping he’d get more friends

Who believe in ends

Believe in money

Believe in luxury

Believe in things funny

But grieve in their recovery

From suddenly

Finding the buzz like a bumble bee

When he

Was seventeen

He became a fiend

For the marijuana green

The belladonna it’s just a dream

To get money with commas

From smoking the ganja

From sparking the thought

While burning up in the parking lot

In the spot

We smoke

And joke

While becoming holier than the pope

The path we take

Don’t act, don’t fake

We move

In faith

And fury

■■■■ seems blurry

They can’t cure, he,




Murders the

Whole fraternity

In the university

Because he

Had so much certainty

He was a nazi from Germany

Going komacaze

After he built it all up internally

How crazily

He ponders

Ever since yonder

Before the somber

Autumn leaves

Falling from the trees

Please god just let me be



Happily on my own

Independent don’t wanna end it because I mend ■■■■

In my life

When I write these tight verses I bring to u on the mic.

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@daze you still around? Think you’d like this. Only problem the production quality is pretty poor…

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