Questions if jails or prisons should be called forensic facilities

Forensic means investigating a crime. Someone being in prison should mean the crime is solved and further forensic measures are unnecessary (unless someone screwed up).


Aren’t they already called correctional facilities?

You get Forensic psych wards here in the UK. You don’t want to be sent to one of those.


I’m not getting what your putting out on this one. As @velociraptor already pointed out, forensic means using scientific methods to investigate a crime. I don’t understand why you would call jails and prisons such.

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Because, even when you know right from wrong, you still don’t belong in jail or prison, if there is enough evidence that you committed any crimes, due to any mental health and neurodevelopmental disorders.

This sounds like a political argument.


I should stop it from here, because there is a policy against making political argument.

Should I change the topic? I am panicking, I did not mean to make it political. I am sorry!

dont panic. No one is going to suspend you.


My questions sometimes become political, I try my best to avoid that.

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You logic is not sound.
They committed a crime so they must be sick. This view is really diminishing the idea of self ownership over your actions.

In the context of schizophrenia I know of forensic mental hospitals. I would not want to diminish my actions by reason of insanity no matter what they are. Some behaviors of mine may not be defensible. What else is there except taking the blame and accepting responsibility?

Legally you are tort unless you are a child.


I agree!

If you know right from wrong, and even if it was caused by atypical mental health and development, you still need to learn how to behave and it includes learning to face the reality of your actions.


well said

I am trying my best not to be too political, but it is about politics.

What should I do next time so it does not get too political? I am sorry! I need some help!

Thank you!

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Thank you! I agree.

You’re completely fine. Don’t worry about it. This isnt overtly political. You’re really not in danger of suspension or even a scolding


That makes sense. It is just there are rules here against talking about politics, it’s not very clear cut to me and I have to guess what is or isn’t allowed to talk about in the context of politics.

Can I read the rules again here? I want to make sure I am following the rules correctly.

Sure. Not a problem.

And don’t worry about it, some things that are political to one person do not seem so to another. Most people assume that politics just refers to government talk.

Here are the rules link:

The rules and guidelines can be found here


Thank you! I am just trying to make sure I am not violating any rules here.

I’ll be frank, if you were, I’d be one of the first to speak to you. I’m probably the most blunt mod. If I’m all chill, you’re good.

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Hey, thanks! I appreciate your help.

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