Question to those who are independent

My pdoc says I’m high functioning, at 36 I’m still living with the rents. People who are high functioning are supposed to live independently, but I’m worried of trying this. Does anyone here live on their own and how has that been?


Do I just disregard everything I’m thinking and dive in to the deep end and see if it’s possible

I live in a group home with 24/7 support and consider myself high functioning.

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Yeah the work I’m doing puts me in a group home, but I thought it was possible to live independently like cooking/washing/cleaning/maintaining things/working etc…

Are you planning to live on your own at a point or is it difficult?

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My life is too good here. I don’t want to move out.

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I’m getting some services sorted out with pdoc for this to be possible for me. But what they write on the forms disables me… I think I’m better than what their portraying!

I honestly have lived with parents for a two decades as I made a choice years ago. They financed an overseas adventure so I’m mindful of paying back that energy so still hang out with dad who is left and make sure he’s ok.

Like I could do the independent thing and have done in life but I enjoy the profit sharing with living with dad. We share bills…now run one car…we live a good life and I still live large as I’m able.

The problem comes when dad goes but I’ve strategies out there. I can move with family or friends so my options are still open…I’ve had dad in hospital for a month thereabouts over here and actually enjoyed having alone time…You gain some you lose some…that is how I think about it.


I live independently, but with a lot of support.


I life on my own. It’s pretty much like before I got diagnosed. Have to force myself more to get things done. It often happens that I confuse things, like forgetting things in my apartment when I’m about to go, but I often remember early enough to get back to my apartment.

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I live with my husband and stepdaughter.

My daughter and other stepdaughter live on their own.

I need the support of my husband

I cook, clean and work part time.

If I had to live alone it couldn’t be in a house because it’s too much for me to handle.

I’d need to find an apartment to rent.

I may need to live in a group home if something happens to my husband though, but I’m not sure.


I live with my folks and I’m 32. I’m able to work part-time, which helps with bills and such for myself. I almost got an apartment earlier this year, but I’m glad I didn’t. I’m not ready yet. Not sure if I can do things like grocery shopping/set appointments/deal with everyday struggles on my own


Thanks for sharing guys I think I’ll try group home before heading out on my own… but it’s too comfortable at home. Thinking about it a lot…

I also live independently, I like looking out for myself. I cook and clean, pay my bills and take care of myself. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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we live on my disability check…that could soon change as my wife is reapplying for disability and has some good lawyers this time…don’t know…it’s hard living on just what i make, but I’m proud.