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is there a procedure to cancel an account?

You email the mod. sz admin or request it once. Then wait two weeks. Then request again and he will cancel it.

Or you could just log out ?

It looks like you just joined though. Sad to see you leaving. this is really a great site its just heavily moderated so that there aren’t arguments but you can express anything mostly just not heavily religious stuff. I put my account on do not disturb yesterday.

If you are feeling like you dont want people to talk to you, you can put your account on :Do not disturb and if you feel uncomfortable about what you posted they will delete or purge your account upon request.


sad that you already want to remove your account… you didn’t join long yet… what is wrong that you want to remove your account?

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is not the same thing

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and then you start to think the whole world is a police state.

You can just message @ZombieMombie @ninjastar @rogueone @Moonbeam. Then wait 2 weeks. Then contact them again.

This is the process

Hey! Im not a mod lol :sunglasses:


Oopsy. I meant to say @ZombieMombie. My bad :woman_facepalming:


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