Question for those who take antipsychotic medication

Ever since starting and being on antipsychotics I have notice something strange. most of the people when I am around them or likewise would touch their face,cough or sniff. I am not too sure if the medication makes me smell bad or likewise I have ask some close friends and family members if I smell bad and they say no I don’t. has this ever happened to anybody else on here ? or is it just paranoia, I have been researching the internet about it ex.tmau and it has been happening to others as well. I also have rosceca and green eyes ewith sometimes a sad face expression due to my depression I am not too sure if the people are making fun of my appearance because of it. lets face it people do put others down just of the way you look . people are assholes its inside that really counts the most. not how attractive somebody really is ??

I think it’s just paranoia.
We’re in a time of year where the weather fluctuates a lot, so people are more prone to colds and runny noses.

I wouldn’t take it personal.


thanks. but I get this all the time all year round not just in cold/flu season its weird because ever since being on medication I have noticed this and been getting these reactions from people !

I think it’s just a symptom, seeing patterns where there are none.
People touch their faces all the time, maybe you’re just more aware of it now for some reason.
It doesn’t have to do anything with you.

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It sounds like paranoia and more typical SZ making connections where there aren’t really any. People touch their faces all the time without thinking. You probably do it, too. It isn’t to signal you’re gross or anything. It’s just a natural human behavior.


I have a similar problem. I wonder if I smell bad because I let this really raggedy little cat sit in my lap. It’s a form of self consciousness. I’ve never heard of ap’s making somebody smell bad. If they did make you smell bad other people on this site would have mentioned it.

That might just be a common condition called “olfactory reference syndrome.” Psychiatrists mostly consider it to be a subtype of obsessive compulsive disorder or body dysmorphic disorder.

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Part of schizophrenia is being overly salient, or aware, of your surroundings, to where some psychiatrists are arguing it should be renamed “salience dysregulation syndrome”.

One thing you must do in the path to wellness is stop caring about little gestures like face-touching, sniffing, coughing and sneezing. They only have meaning if you give them meaning (and subsequently make yourself a little crazier.)


thanks . youre right its just my paranoia . I do touch my face too just get paranoid thoughts just because my face is red (rosacea)
and it make me very self consicus

If u look up articles, you will find one in particular about the side effects of antipsychotics and how they produce a “schizophrenic look” where their eyes are bulgy or one is lazy. In the article I remember it mentions it can cause people to produce an undesireable odor. I literally know what u mean if ur worried u smell bc I was on invega and literally 2 hours after showering my brother in law said I smelled n should shower… I never smelled bad In the past but on invega, even when I worked out and wore deodorant, my clothes just stunk unnaturally. And it wasn’t my scent. Someone said ur probably paranoid but ur question is valid and if I could find the article for u it mentions the odor bc of medications…

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It also mentioned it depends on the people’s genetics if they produce that odor in response to antipsychotic medications

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