Question about Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Delusion of grandeur

If most mental health professionals say that Narcissistic Personality disorder is not a psychotic disorder, but a personality disorder, why do some articles say that the symptom of Narcissistic Personality Disorder includes Delusions of grandeur?

Things to ask your doctor. Whilst delusions are common among the community there seems some things your asking aren’t that common.

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No, I am not asking for medical advice this time.

Your asking for specifics about disorders and clarifications. I have no idea and I guess most folk here wouldn’t either. If your confused by your google then it’s time to talk to your doctor.


That makes sense, my bad!

You can have delusions of grandeur but not be psychotic.

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The only problem is that one (or more) delusions falls under the broad definition of psychosis.

7 minute clip of an experienced therapist talking about what’s at the core of narcissism.