Puzzle games?

Hey guys. Switched to Apple and now I’m looking for new puzzle game apps. I like logic puzzles and shape puzzles, no time limit or speed needed, no subscription, an option for ad free version, and limited motion/animation.

I really love kenken, sudoku, Tetris (but hate the speed), solitaire, jigsaw puzzles, stuff like that. Old people games. I used to like word with friends, but it is now unplayable because there are too many pop ups advertising their mini games even though I paid for no ads.


I don’t know if its on the apple store but amazing breaker is really fun

I don’t know if Apple has it but I love the solitaire game of Free Cell. I even got a notice once that I was the first to solve one of their games.

Isn’t “Angry birds” a puzzle game? That’s pretty famous.

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Try some Unblock style puzzles, where you have a red tile, usually rectangular or L-shaped, surrounded by brown tiles and only a little room for maneuvers on the board. The purpose being to move the red tile towards an exit.

Last time I checked, angry birds was not available anymore on the Google play store. If you find it let me know. I have been looking for it. I am talking about the original. :whale::whale::whale:


Get Starlet, Sun, and Ninjago to play chess with you. It’s a great game.


Candy Land.

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I’ve been playing chess on chess.com I lose every game my elo is 823

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Sorry guys. I meant like, specific app recommendations for ones that can I can buy the ad free version of.

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I have no suggestions, but I’m wondering how you’re handling the transition. I tried to go from a Samsung to the new Apple, but I absolutely hated it and switched back before my 30 day trial was up.

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I switched from apple to android at the start of Covid. I loved android for about a month, then started to hate it. It is more customizeable, but that also means the features are less reliable across apps. I am much happier with apple because the accessibility features are integrated seamlessly. You may have noticed I was constantly dealing with typos, especially wordsthatallbecameoneword, but apple has features to accommodate people with clumsy fingers.


I hated the IPhone. What a buggy piece of ■■■■. Sent it back after a day.

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I never owned an apple product, be it watch, phone or pc. Don’t have anything against it, just too expensive for my taste.

It’s not your typical puzzle game but check out the series “the room,” it’s like an escape room on your phone full of fun puzzles.

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I literally cannot write properly without Apple software to correct me as I go. It’s actually really intuitive (See I know that word but not exactly how to spell it! :wink: )

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Does anyone remember Minesweeper from the Windows 95 I think it was?

I was playing it on my mothers iPad yesterday!


Google it. 1515151515

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