Come play this game with me

I found this game last night on Rewarded Play and it’s surprisingly fun. You should come play!

It’s available on Android and iOS.

Here’s my link to get it if you want to come to visit my board.


Anyone else playing mobile games and have suggestions? I’m bored.

Pretty please? I’ll make you a big plate off nachos!


Haha I might have joined but my device isn’t compatible with this app

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Just downloaded the app. I may go to sleep soon but I’m sure we can play some board games one of these days.

The nachos sealed the deal.:grin:

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Well that sucks. Thanks for trying, though!

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I think I used to have that on my old phone :open_mouth: sure, I’ll play


Thanks! I’m about to fall asleep finally. But I’ll probably be up in about an hour or so.

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