Put my earrings back in my ear lobe

I have 2 piercings on my left ear lobe and I decided a while back to take my earrings out so the holes would close.

I woke up early today and decided that I wanted my earrings back in.

Got them in now and they look fabulous!

Two small ruby red studs.


cool, now you’re styling

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I wanna get my lobes pierced. Two black flat discs would suit me.

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I have pierced earlobes, and despite only using earthings on average once a year, the holes never close.
My snakebites closed up after a week, although the holes will never close nor disappear fully.

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You could always use magnetic earrings. My brother used them when he was young. If I had to use earrings I would use magnetic ones.

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Kick ass Wave! I think men tend to look really cool when they wear jewelry. :+1:

I have a little silver necklace I wear underneath my polos sometime.


Thanks @Montezuma!

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Thats really cool … i think on some men nose studs look good too, I dont know what it is …

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