Purpose without Family

What are we doing here, guys? If we don’t get to have a normal life, what do we do? What is the way to find real purpose without having a family? Are we here to have the common human experience of a normal life or are we here to awaken to something deeper or are we here to just enjoy ourselves? I don’t know that I’ll ever get married. I’m 29 but I don’t think I offer to a woman the things she looks for in a mate. So what purpose then? I’m drawn to spiritual paths because it is a cohesive, sane perspective that also lends itself to a meaningful existence. Pursuing it has brought me out of the depths of madness so maybe I’ll find my answer further down that road. My cousin is having a baby boy and I don’t know that I’ll ever get to have a son, so I want to be there for it because I don’t think its dad will be a part of his life. I think that would be meaningful. The whole picture isn’t shaping up like I imagined it would at all, but then again nothing ever does turn out exactly like we imagine. Gratitude is meeting the universe where it is with love and compassion, even if we can’t wrap our heads around the mystery of why things happen as they do.

Typing stuff like this has been said by other posters to be typing to the void, but I don’t see it that way. Ideas ripple out and effect everything around them, as does energy. So if I put this out there it might resonate with some people who know and they’ll respond in kind. So I ask, how do we find meaning without the traditional family life (wife, kids, etc.)? Biologically isn’t our purpose to reproduce? Is overcoming that biological impulse something noble or are we ignoring a vital component of existence? What is the highest good that can come out of a life like ours? I feel like if we can use our past to make our lives reflect that highest good, it gives the past purpose and makes the whole thing meaningful, but what is the highest good?

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I lost my interest to work was one of this reasons, I found no purpose.
Then thought of the entier existence, once you get an overall view, you wont mind what a women will look in you or the things.
You will find one, its just the mind is not set right now.
For humans to start a family a shade of a tree is also fine.IMO


First off, I’d like to say that you are only 29, and likely can’t be sure what the future holds as far as a family goes.

Second, purpose is defined by individuals. I am perfectly happy with my sisters having the kids in the family and supplying the new generation. I am 48 with no kids. If you think that every person that’s married with kids feels fulfilled I think you are mistaken.

I’ve read that seeking out purpose and not finding it can lead to depression. I would encourage you to do things that are purposeful if you want to have purpose. Not to sit around pondering the meaning in life. Do things that you think might give you meaning. Live life.


I find meaning in my relationships with family, friends, docs,… and also I enjoy the little things: a cup of coffee in the morning, a walk in spring weather,…

All walks of life have their own challenges. Embrace yours.

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I’m not sure. Sometimes it’s hard for me to balance acceptance with relentlessness.

I guess I’ve become more grateful of my mom and dad as far as family goes.

Hopefully having family values already with my parents will make someone else (a partner) with family values one day wanna be with me/start family with me.

How’s your situation with your parents??

My dad doesn’t know how to show love and he divorced my mom a long time ago so he is out of the picture, which is sad because my sister is getting married in a couple months and he won’t be coming. But my relationship with my mom is good. We’re regrowing our trust and things are finally getting better between us.


Since I moved back in with my parents my family values have gotten better. Before that I felt dejected by my parents. And I hated all ideas of family

It actually only took me screwing up to get their attention back. Sometimes it can be annoying. They treat me like I’m “disadvantaged”. But it’s better than living all alone. Well I had my cat but that was it.

But seriously you’re only 29 and I’m 31 almost 32 and a lot changes in the next 2-3 years trust me I think.


I’ve noticed that for me, when I take things moment by moment that change happens faster and faster. Just in the last few months since I’ve started coming here and trusting people/universe again my progress has been huge. I know at some point I’ll outgrow this forum but it has been beneficial in a major way for me. I never was much into astrology but I’ll look into it and read that link you sent.

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That is super interesting. I wonder if that is why all these changes are happening.

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My sister claimed the same as me. “A coming of age”. Marked incremental growth.

They say you become an adult at 18 or 21. But for me it was really around the time of this astrological event for me. I think at least

I think the entire purpose is to experience, create, and exist in chaos to keep the whole thing going. Taken too seriously, you might find it difficult to do so.

I also think good and bad, fundamentally, do not exist. They’re too subjective. Depending on your perspective, everything that has ever happened can be bad or good, and where one exists, so too does the other. They’re both necessary, both create the whole. Yin yang, duality type sht.

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I don’t know… lots of soothsayers and people wanting to help in the world, but they will never know each one of us or how I feel. So loneliness is there and cannot be solved in a relationship for me. I try to keep myself busy with little things, but once they run out I don’t know what else to do

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