Punctuation can save a person's life

let’s eat grandpa. ( wrong )
let’s eat, grandpa. ( right )

never under estimate the importance of a comma, grandpa didn’t !?!
take care


But I’d be careful if it was the Donner Party. I’d rather starve.

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An exclamation mark once pulled me from drowning in a swimming pool.


Correct this statement that I saw at a Hotel.

“Free breakfast, lunch, and 32 in. TV.”

Funny enough, the hotel guests did not seem to be checking out in the morning with a free 32 in. TV ?

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I love grammar humor…

Stuff like this makes me smile.


Thanks for the laugh!

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Sometimes I have seen this sign where there are actually children crossing…When they cross they have always seemed to move pretty fast to me

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LOL… !!

OMG…this is real, I have actually driven by this sign!


Been here…there is another sign that says San Francisco 200 and some miles and right under it Weed 99… I always wanted to spray a dollar sign by the 99, LOL

^ Someone did spray a pot leaf on one of those signs back in 2005…

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those were funny !
where i was growing up, there was an undertaker in the the local vllage/town that was called mr. greedy !?!
i always wondered why he did not change his name !?! it seemed slightly inappropriate !!
take care

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