Punctuation and grammar issues

Anybody in here struggle with punctuation and grammar? I get this run on feeling with my writing sometimes and I just cant stop and I associate it with free association, because that’s what I think my writing style is.

I don’t really feel that’s its really scattered or all over the place. I feel I’m pretty fluent. I could probably use a little more imagination which I try but my technical skills kick and that’s what I think about all the time at times and that leads me to this next paragraph about thinking and writing styles.

In this one book I read, they say that in an analogy. That some people are High WATT thinkers and some are Low WATT thinkers. The reason behind that is because some people either think in central route manner or a peripheral manner. Central route would be like stating the facts, arguments, beliefs, attitudes etc. where as peripheral thinkers think on a simple level “keep it simple, sweetie”. So in essence high WATT thinkers are central route where as peripheral thinkers are Low WATT thinkers. Or in other words Central route is to fight and the peripheral route is when your in pain I assume or relaxed.

So anyone out there struggle with these issues at work, school, home life? Id appreciate the input.

Have a good one!

Hey there, yeah I have some issues with my writing sometimes. I tend to write in the passive tense like yoda. I consulted my faculty mentor about it, and he said that when he writes, he reads the sentence, and if it isn’t written the way he would say it in a presentation, he rewrites it.

I tend to write in overly complex sentences. I have a little trouble putting my thoughts on paper in certain subjects. Note “in certain subjects.” In psychology, my major, it’s best to write as clearly as possible so that a lay person, someone who knows zero psychology, can understand it. In philosophy or history, complex writing is actually (in my case) associated with higher grades. They like “florid” speech in certain disciplines. They like less complicated writing in other disciplines.

Maybe try reading your writing to different people. Like for philosophy, read it to a philosophy major or English major (I have close relatives of each major) for feedback. Maybe for a psychology paper, read it to someone who has no clue about psychology and see if they can understand it. Science is best written so that anyone can understand it, arts are where you should be “artsy” or “artistic” (not autistic) lol

Thanks for the pointers! Yeah using free association with my writing helps me to open up about my feelings, associations with things and whatever comes to mind then I go back and rewrite it.

with reading and writing. Its kind of like riding a car for me. When your in school and trying to articulate what your reading you tend to slow down, interpret and articulate and output it onto a test or paper. When I’m reading fiction, magazines, non-fiction etc. I tend to read a little faster.

So like driving a car I would drive 55mph and that’s the speed of my reading fiction books… and if I was going to school I would be reading at 25mphs an hour.

And its the same with my writing styles at times. I do the same thing. If its really complex. I slow down look stuff up,try regurgitate it,and then spit it onto paper. If its relational stuff it comes natural no effort needed really its not that hard to me anyways. To have empathy or unconditional love for people even though they might be the disaster in my world (speaking of mental health issues).

anyways, I get what your saying! Hope some of it helps.

Have a good one!

I went back to college recently and have struggled with keeping a flow in writting, I writte extensively and is usually well written. But I struggle a lot putting sentences together, weird enough that doesn’t happen with english, just in my native language. I have to write something like three times to make sure is perfect and usually in the end I’m not happy with it. I don’t know if it’s the lack of practice but I hope it gets better.

So, do you any of you get peripheral thinking at times? I guess it depends on the situation a well and topic of choice.
Yeah I have faith you’ll get there! :smile:

Have a good one!