Psychosocial Interventions May Help Nip Psychosis in the Bud

Psychosocial interventions may effectively head off psychosis or early-onset schizophrenia in at-risk teens and young adults, 2 new studies suggest.

The first study showed that young people with psychotic symptoms or a genetic risk for “functional deterioration” who underwent family-focused therapy (FFT) for 6 months had significantly greater improvements in positive symptoms of psychosis than those who received 3 sessions of family education.

“I was a little surprised to see that the effects of family-focused therapy showed up after 6 months because often it takes longer to see an effective therapy,” lead author David J. Miklowitz, PhD,

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I used to joke that my family was driving me crazy…

I’m not sure if this is the same study or not.

hallelujah. I am happy for the upcoming generation that they are finally doing this thing. sounds very promising.


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