Productivity has returned!

Yesterday and today have been some of my most productive days at work in a long time! I’m accomplishing so much, and I’m not having to force myself to get things done. The past few weeks, I had been writing lists and making myself do at least three things before taking breaks, but it was a horrible struggle, and I was feeling really slow and incompetent. Now, things are so much better! I think knowing the sun won’t be set already when I finish working helps me stay motivated throughout the day. I’m not wasting my only daylight anymore. I also had a minor medication adjustment that just kicked in, and that’s been really helping. No more panic attacks!

Now I just have to watch my mood, and make sure feeling good doesn’t turn into feeling way too good.


did you find a chill pill. or just get older.

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Both, I think. It’s good.

Awesome, @ninjastar! I’m hoping the Abilify I just restarted in the last few days helps me regain some of mine as well. :slight_smile:

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Yeah. Back in March of last year, they tried lowering my dose, and I tanked, so they raised it slightly, but still left it lower than I had started. And, as usual, things were great for a month or two, then started getting progressively worse and worse. So now, I’m back on my prior dose and feeling good.


Great to hear @ninjastar

My barber and I were talking about panic attacks one time. She said they are awful. I can’t imagine. Hopefully the med adjustment will keep up its potency.


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