Problems thinking when trying new things

I’ve met many nice people here so far who are fun to exchange posts with. I haven’t written this much in years tho, and I’m finding it hard. Like wading through a giant plate of half cooled agar agar hard. I don’t remember it being this hard years ago…

What can I do about it? Should I worry? Why do I feel bad/guilty about wasting people’s time? IRL everyone seems so much quicker than I and I stg I can feel their impatience with me.

We are not impatient with you. Just go at your own pace.

If you are experiencing negative symptoms outside the forum that might be something to talk about with your doctor.

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take your time at things. if you don’t feel like writing sometime don’t get stressed cause you feel like you have to.

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yeah. thanks. I have to remember “Hey, I’m out in the forest. The most that happens here is the seasons changing.” and pace myself accordingly.

The World really does move too fast for me tho.

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Hm. Can they do anything about it? Can I? Or is telling them just so they better understand me?

Mostly it’s me being concerned/annoyed/disheartened by finding out I’m a lil more broken than I thought I was and wondering how I should deal with it.

As my understanding goes, there isn’t a lot that can be done about negatives. But a doctor could give you perspective or even suggestions. I don’t have negatives, but other places I’ve gotten advice is in meeting groups. I don’t know if they are active right now though.

As for feeling disheartened, we’ve all been there. It is a gradual process learning what limits this disease puts on you, and then a gradual climb educating yourself what you can do to deal with it. My heart goes out to you, I hope you can still find the good things to take your mind off of this.

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