Prefered taste in food has changed recently

ive noticed meats don’t taste as good as they did… and now vegetables taste good… and some fish… I had polk salad the other day… its poison but if you boil it twice its like greens throw in some scrambled eggs and a bunch of onions its dam good… anyway even going out to eat ive been getting more vegetables and less meat… still have a soft spot for country ham, bacon and a good steak but the plants are winning… wtf… has anyone elses taste in food changed dramatically in the past?


Yes, come join us on the green side! We have kale!


Same here really, mostly cause meat just costs so much, so I have been making salads, eggs and a tomato for breaky and I got some fish on sale. keep about 3 tv dinners in the freezer for days I can’t get fresh stuff


The other day, I was with my niece and we made burritos. I put roasted chickpeas in mine. She was horrified that I was eating a “chick pee” burrito! I absolutely did not correct her. I just said this is what vegetarians eat!


Kale fried in butter is the best thing to have happened to my life :joy:

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I am officially eating only vegan (almost) cheese - some seafood and rarely if I have pizza and it has pepperoni on it, I don’t mind. I even switched to cashew milk!

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“Prefered taste in food has changed recently”

kind-of the same with me. I used to like Frosted Flakes a lot. didn’t eat any other cereal. but nowadays, Forsted Flakes is the last cereal I’ll buy, as I’m quite bored with it.

I used to love canned foods too. but after microwaving canned soup, it tastes like hot lava. a lot of salt, sodium, but little fresh meat. i can’t stand canned soup now, or canned anything.