We are lucky to live in 21st century although we are unlucky to inherit Schizophrenia.

Have you ever imagine the life of a “schizophrenic” many centuries ago?


I think that many centuries ago a schizophrenic would die of neglect and starvation.


I feel like I would be a one eyed soothsayer… the village would let me live on the outskirts of town and keep me alive so I could talk to that which they cannot see… there are some time periods we may have done better and some time periods we would have been burned at the stake…or locked up and forgotten…


We would be considered to be high priestess’ and the male equivalent at some point in history.

It was also said that Joan of arc heard voices too!

@flameoftherhine I would try to survive, I would try to find somebody to look after me.
I would do all I can to find somebody.
But in the past the means of transport were limited.
In the city I would have more chance to survive than in a remote village, because there are more people there
to ask them to care for me, if I go through the whole city I have a chance to survive.
As a last resort, I would ask the authorities to put me in prison, where they would give me food.
Again, my situation would be better in a city than a remote village.

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it def depends on what culture and time period… I would think some of us would be first in line for shaman high priests soothsayer ect… but look what happened to joan of arc… they let her lead them in battle then threw her away after she served her purpose… @Erez_Shmerling I would rather be born into a Viking clan or the south American jungles… atleast I could fill the niche of speaker to the gods… but each case would be unique and the ideal living situation would be diff for each of us…

It would be pretty cool to be shamanistic but although sometimes the delusions are interesting, there ain’t nothing cool about it in the 21st century, although life is marginally better than being burnt at the stake or drowned! :expressionless: so there is always that!
And atleast she gets the recognition she deserves in today!


it speaks volumes about the culture and mindset of the people that allowed joan of arc to save them then they murdered her… in those types of places we would be lucky to be beggars…

This is the reality for many people in developing countries. Even in the us my first pdoc didn’t give me enough medication. And I was extremely dysfunctional for months. Then I got a better doctor who hospitalized me and put me on higher doses. Just like that I was saved. Life was no longer a living hell. And my brain was no longer frying in my skull.

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even now my mother in law sees me as someone who sees demons and ghost she wants me to get prayed over to stop them. my dad’s oldest sister tried to get relief from prayers and it didn’t help. anyway my luck I would be born in salem in 17th century America.

Doing Genealogy on my mom’s side, she traced her family back to the 14th century.
There was the family that went on trial in the Salem area for being witches (husband and wife), they were aquited…a couple hundred years later, here I am.
This time I get the Sz label.

try to imagine treatment for schizophrenia a thousand years from now.

I can’t imagine what dinner will be like in a thousand years, let alone Sz.
Maybe it will be like:
Okay folks, today we’ll be going back in time when there were actual humans still suffering with Sz, and get a load of how they treated them back then. Hehehe, complimentary racks for those strong enough and willing to try some of the Meds as well.

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At least, in this day and age, they are attempting to help us instead of locking us up in filth or stoning us to death. The problem is, all they have to offer is drugs with side effects. Hopefully, all types of brain disorders will be treated much better and easier in 1000 years.

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Yeah lets see how far therepy can come along

Poeple actually specifically trained for schizophrenic symptoms only

It might be as easy as sitting down with a proffessional and talking things out.

All drugs have side effects, some of them are even desirable.

My side effects are not desirable. I wish…

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I developed Schizophrenia before the Atypical Antipsychotics came out.
The Environment was a bit more Harsh back then.

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yeah but not as bad as the side effects of a frontal lobotomy

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You’re right about that. Glad I was born later. Rough times