Power was out

Hi all. Sorry I haven’t posted in the last couple of days. My power was out. It got to the mid forties in the house. Brrrrrr. We also have parrots, which are tropical birds. We were afraid they might freeze to death if it got much colder. But the power is back on now, and I have internet access again. The local library had power, and you could charge up your gadgets, but they didn’t have wifi or printing capabilities. School was shut down Monday because of snow, Wednesday because of ice, and Thursday, I’m not sure why, maybe they didn’t have power either. Over 750,000 people in this area were without power. Traffic lights were out, and there were tree limbs and trees that were blocking some streets. Even though it is only back up to fifty-four degrees in the house now, it feels considerably better, plus I have an electric blanket, so that keeps me nice and toasty.

The snow experiment. :snowflake:

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That seems a lot like our snow–it just won’t go away.