Potential new autism drug shows promise in mice

*The researchers treated the MHS-mice for three months with NitroSynapsin, an aminoadamantane nitrate compound related to the Alzheimer’s FDA-approved drug memantine, which was previously developed by Lipton’s group. NitroSynapsin is known to help reduce excess excitatory signaling in the brain, and the team found that the compound did reduce the E/I imbalance and also reduced abnormal behaviors in the mice and boosted their performance on cognitive/behavioral tests – in some cases restoring performance essentially to normal."

“In an amazing twist, the scientific team also found in Alzheimer’s disease models that the new NitroSynapsin compound improves synapse function, the specialized areas for communication between nerve cells. Thus, the ability of the drug to improve ‘network’ communication in the brain may eventually lead to its use in several neurological diseases.”


At least one person here has had success with memantine for negative symptoms.

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thank you for posting @twinklestars .

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Yea I heard Memantine made a huge difference in the people that added it. I’m going to ask my doctor for it after I switch to latuda.

Do your research though. Check out the potential side effects in case you end up getting any of them.

As someone with ASD I honestly wouldn’t want to ‘cure’ it. It’s more like part of my personality, or part of my identity. I suppose it would be different for someone who had a severely autistic child, but for me I’m fine the way I am! Even if it is a hassle at times.