Posting some of my digital art

I was on a roll before with these but lately I’ve slowed down in creating. Many reasons for that, no PC with Photoshop anymore and ever since I quit burning weed I’ve been less inclined to work on my art. My creativity should get a boost this fall in school !! :neutral_face:

Batman bad guy DeathStroke!

My ideal roadster! (it all started with a pencil drawing for school).

Ubisoft’s Sam Fisher, the Splinter Cell. (for a contest held by them).

Two futuristic cops in a Police State in Asia.

Hope you like it. :relaxed:


Sam Fisher one is sweet!

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Thanks brah! It was for a contest to win an all-paid expenses trip to E3 2015 but the competition was fierce and I ended up not being chosen! :disappointed_relieved:

It’s my most recent one too! :slight_smile:

These are fabulous! Thanks for sharing.

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Beautiful :sunrise:

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Thank you @Daze, my pleasure. I sometimes get envious of other artists especially ones who can paint realistically but it’s a great stress inhibitor for me!

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Thanks!!! Very kind.