Post modern life lacks substance

It just seems that everywhere you look, there’s this emphasis on “staying busy” and “having fun.” People are addicted to their smartphones, eating out, having casual sex etc. I know I’ve been livening up some myself, which can sometimes be good. But, I still wonder where global society is heading sometimes, and the prognosis isn’t very good. Also, I don’t think “it’s just the weather” as one person put it to me several years ago. I know I have very little control over things, but I don’t think it would be wise for anyone to just bury their heads in the sand like it’s not happening.

I’ve been lightening up more lately, but I wonder if I’m going to extremes. I’ve even been tempted to try going to a local sports bar to get some romantic action. But for me, it almost sounds like I’m really “hard up”. I actually have been thinking of calling someone I recently think I had a mutual attraction to. I kind of wish I hadn’t passed her by, because she seems like a really nice person. It’s so hard to meet someone these days, that you both find physically attractive, and connect with on a deeper level.


Yeah I read a lot of books it’s good, we’re getting away from it. Im reading a clockwork orange right now. The age of Pisces is gone, onto the age of Aquarius…I don’t like it I’m old school…

Look my hope is technology kills the dollar bill and all humans are taken care of…and never have to work because machines do it all…you can order groceries and a drone delivers them…it will be global utopia…cars drive themselves ect it will be beautiful…their scientist out there trying to make this hsppen …bill Nye’s in it…all your basic needs will be auto met…you can do what you want all day…

I don’t think it’s that simple, @flameoftherhine. Part of what makes us who we are, is our ability to cogitate and to endeavour. I once read in a book that for centuries, theologians have been warning us that living in utopia would be a prison. When you get down to it, we are all freer than we’d like to think. One of the only ways you’d achieve “utopia”, is if you could get the earth to stop rotating on its’ axis. The world is complicated and people can be complicated. What I’m trying to say is, is that it would be nice to get things back on an even keel before we face early annihilation.

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I think the solution is global blackout - no electronics, no electricity - start it over. Then there is purpose and people working together.

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I too think like this, people will be doing hobbies, art, music, writing, etc.

Automation is going to bring increased standards of living.

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All of us should hope for this outcome for our kids and grandkids…future generations you know…

i think we should g live with the masabi tribe in the middle of africa, then we wont have all this over produced food and neon lights and busy streets just pure air and running free in the sun and the only lghts will be the stars just pure unadulterated sky with pure views and an antelope to eat every couple daays xx blisss xxx

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I kinda agree with you Mim130. There is an emphasis on being “productive” or staying busy, when such a lifestyle is hard as a SZ/SZA. It frustrates me that I too want to BE busy, but due to my current level of functioning, I can only work so hard during the day without overwhelming my mind.

The display of narcissism on social media also doesn’t help, people bragging about themselves everyday.

People earn a lot of money to spend it really quickly to entertain themselves. I’m not perfect either, but people go extents to have squeeze in some “fun” with what little extra time they have. That’s why people always posting/bragging about what they did over the weekend on Facebook. “Like look at me, haha, I did something “unique” with the money I earn from my productive career”. SURE, they might of earned it from working hard, but do you constantly have to brag about it? As a SZA with bountiful amounts of time at hand, I observe this and am pretty much astonished at people’s needs to constantly “needing something to do” and bragging about it,

What about those of us who enjoy working?

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