I don't have a life

Something is wrong with me. People would say I’m weird or awkward. I always stood/ stand out. Idk…maybe I shouldn’t compare my life with anyone. What’s the norm nowadays.

From what I can tell, the norm nowadays is for people to spend most of their life waking up, going to work, spending the day in a mixture of boredom and stress, then spending their evenings watching dumb shows, eating some pizza rolls and going to bed. In essence that most people could probably say they don’t really “have a life”. Mental illness or not, I guess it’s up to everyone to try to find something they can do and enjoy, so the years aren’t just empty stress.


They say “find what you like to do, and you’ll never have to go to work a day in your life.”


I feel like this too but you know what? Define normal.

I think that’s pretty unrealistic for a lot people. But there’s no reason we can’t hate our jobs while also enjoying some else on the side when not at work.

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I feel that way a lot. I didn’t choose sz, but the fact is that I look at other people’s lives and I don’t even want what they have. Here’s the rundown: spend your teens getting drunk, having sex and get into college. Late teens early twenties, getting drunk, having sex, getting a degree. Mid-twenties getting married, getting drunk, establishing a career. Then you buy a house, have two-to-five kids, fill your house up with stuff, then have grandkids and watch your kids and grandkids repeat exactly the same pattern you did. Then you die a carbon copy of everyone else who for generations all repeated the same process. There may be some sad sense of security in that, but who are you then and what did your life matter? Being uniquely who you are, and contributing what you uniquely contribute is much more worthwhile.


I like to create multimedia art but i often think it ducks or that i should do more and accomplish something more and find a caring girl on a close page as me.

i sometimes compare my life to my friends who either have kids or jobs or both… all i do is sell snack foods and create art, i have social anxiety disorder. but people we consider normal also have their own problems.


To me your idea sounds really healthy: not compare myself to other people. I think it would help me

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U literally took the words out of my head (delusional pun intended). But yea i feel my life is pretty stagnant too. I wish i had something upliffting to say but i don’t. But know ur not the only one in this situation. The amount of times ive been called weird is uncountable. And sadly there is a norm but i try extremely hard to say i don’t care if its comfortable with me ill do it. Stay strong brotha life can change for the better at any moment.

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exactly dude…

you live in the city… just go up north or downtown and find a place to sit outside… these people don’t really give a ■■■■ man… they all got problems too

you need good friends and a future… go play pool or something… if you have anyone to go with take them and just keep it casual… take your time and work on your shot.

All of that is your dream.

Yea. I hope for good things in lifelife. What are you saying?

You’re awesome too tho

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I always regret not knowing I needed a car, a house, a career, a wife and a few kids, some money and vacations to boot. I may be awkward and different. It IS kind of difficult at times, but I enjoy the whole thing, really,at bottom. It’s a lot of fun. I make people look awkward themselves because they don’t know how to deal with me. It leaves me outside the whole thing, but I have my integrity, my honesty, my sincerity and my love.



Lot’s of different folks out there these days. Learn and move forward!

Join a club, hobby or social institution. Religion has a lot more crazy people there than you. Hobby’s are good if they have meetings. A model railway club in this era has a lot of older folks and they are interested in skills which anyone can develop. Sporting clubs are good if your out of the US. Over here in Australia we still play sport. I play cricket and I’m 45!

Hey. It’s never, ever too late. Especially with computers making the world a smaller place. Internet dating is more fashionable today than ever and they even have mentally ill dating sites! ( been a while is nolongerlonely still going?) .

Schizophrenia to me has cost me more than most. But I refuse to let that dictate my life. I take the meds. I’m way better and somewhat fat…if I could cure that then I might just do well. Don’t give up. Fight for every square inch!

A friend in the struggle,



There is no universal norm. Normal is whatever is relative to how you usually are.

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If you could work toward combining all three of these things into one. - A threefold path. Joseph Campbell said - Do what you love + the money will follow.

Sorry. I’m not good at any kind of abstract thinking. I trust my vague ideas but can’t explain them.

Joseph Campbell - Follow your bliss.

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I like seeing you around. You may not know me, but I’ve been here longer than most. Used to be patchofblue, but it got too long to type for awhile when I was signing in. I like your cut on things.

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