Possible hallucinations at childhood

I remember telling my father I was hearing “night sounds”, for which he maybe (can’t remember exactly) answered something like “There are no sounds” which might indicate I heard a hallucination back then. This was before I went to school.
I’ve been hearing strange sounds at night for a while, just heard a sound that is difficult to describe ~5 mins ago (it’s 4am).

Is it bothering you? I get noises like ppl talking when I am alone but it doesn’t bother me.

We’re more prone to hallucinations at night.

I used to see a big eye under my bed when I was a kid.

I told my parents about it. I think I have always hallucinated.

I hallucinated as a kid. The one I remember most is waking up one night to being surrounded my what seemed like millions of ants. I called my ma and step dad to help but my step dad just scolded me for “making up ■■■■”. I also had voices in the form of my family talking to me when I was by myself. Of course the hallucinations followed me all the way (getting worse) into adulthood.

I’ve had few experiences including one recently that I call ”pseudohallus”

I hear them outside my head. Last time it was people talking (I knew it wasn’t real because there was nothing that could’ve produced that voice)