Poor treatment from pdoc

Anyone else get treated poorly from their pdoc/np? Every doc or aprn I’ve had since outpatient has treated me like I’m not human. Telling me I shouldn’t have kids or be in a relationship, making fun of my weight even though the meds they prescribe are causing it. Also every pdoc/np has disappeared no communication randomly, and I have to find a new provider. I hope there is reform and serious thought and compassion put into mental healthcare one day.


I’ve been lucky to have good ones but I’ve heard of some bad ones out there. Trouble is usually that they are stressed out and have little time out here. I get like 15 minutes tops. He’s a good shrink but he’s in demand and does a private hospital everyday as well.

It’s good to be proactive in your health. Put it back on them and insist on better outcomes. You do pay them after all.


About 10 years ago I was in hospital and was complaining to my doctor about the horrible side effects of the medication I was on at the time. My doctor at the time said it’s not the antipsychotic causing the side effects, she said it’s all in my head, even though I was having seizures from the meds. Horrible lady.

So while I was in hospital I wrote to a higher authority and they changed my doctor to a brilliant man who put me on Abilify. I’m so glad I changed doctors.


My worst pdoc was a stiffed neck automaton with a horrible accent.


And a cpn who told me that all sza/sz can work no matter what. She was out sick a lot. We can work but apparently she couldn’t.


Usually just get people with thick accents and half the time they dont understand you.

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i always get asked to wear a medical bracelet incase i end up in an episode somewhere. but i dont find it to be poor treatment.

She had the nerve to tell me she wouldn’t have sex with me. I got outta there fast and lodged a formal complaint.


The pdoc I “fired” with my therapists help, they work same building, and I wasn’t first to lodge a complaint but it was a few things that she did to get canned.

  1. She said that she can’t figure out how I was able to be in a relationship for 18/19 years at that point, that I was allowed to have kids, and she told me every appt that the day my husband divorced me she is gonna make sure I get no unsupervised by court visits. She was adamant that John was in her words “stupid for putting up with psycho behaviors and she had made records in my file for if he filed to say I’d kill my kids. And it’d be my fault, but as a man he should have known not to ever deal with crazy.”
  2. She put me on meds I had severe and immediate throat and tongue swelling, I told her she said take 16 benadryl a day, we’re upping it in 2 weeks anyway.

The panic attack happened, that whole story, and I only had the panick attack because I couldn’t quit puking and I hadn’t slept in 96 hours because I couldn’t sleep with the swollen tongue and throat. Got treated like a junkie at ER all I wanted was to stop puking and get the allergic reaction to go away. I got a bad nurse who didn’t follow injection protocol and ■■■■■■ my hip joint up. My husband was on the phone at 8am demanding explanations for pdoc and er nurse. We had to file against their licenses and pdoc was fired March this year after review of reports of patient mistreatment. Nurse was moved to a desk, not sure how long, but she was not allowed to be do patient care. I know she is not at that ER anymore either.

My therapist fought for me to feel like a person, not just a thing. She filed complaints on the pdoc, and got me the one I have now that I trust.

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I had one really good Pdoc who felt like he really cared about me and was willing to support my treatment no matter what. I’ve had three really average, not terrible, not great. One that I didn’t like, they didnt do anything terrible they just weren’t that good at communicating.

I can’t complain bcz healthcare is free but I had 50/50 good and bad. I had psy that annoyed me with useless questions that weren’t related to my illness like my private life, they refused to do an MRI to see if psychosis was neurological. Now my psy doesn’t let me try new meds or change them.

He just said there is no treatment for negative symptoms, you have to live with them, he nearly yelled at me blaming me for my negative symptoms like staying in bed all day everyday.
He says I decided to stay in bed and don’t go to university, work, get married etc Yeah right, I hope he gets schizophrenia to know how I really feel.

Yes, i have had a few, but mostly good ones - apart from when they are wasting time treating me with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Don’t tell me - dear Pdoc - that its all my own fault bcz im not thinking positive, im stuck in negative thought patterns. Well, there might be an underlying reason for that.

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