Poor cause im lazy, lazy cause im poor

it’s a vicious cycle. Tho im happy at least.

at least these are first world problems

Not lazy this illness causes problems in executive functioning the brain in you and I has been wired in a way that makes it very difficult to think clearly or logically enough TO WORK.
You’ve got a disability my friend not lazy.


lithium, abilify maintena, and supplementing with sarcosine

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Cool. You sound like your doing pretty good. :+1:

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I said something similar under one of my own posts, but I’ll say it again because I believe this - You are not lazy… people who assume that we are lazy don’t realise how much work it can be just to get through the day sometimes, and if you had the choice of being healthy and working, or having a horrible illness that can make that impossible, well we both know which you would choose.


Happy is good :slight_smile:

i blame the laziness on the meds… i’ve stopped doing art and most house chores… i enjoy cooking though… i have no energy… :slight_smile: