POLL: would you rather have a high temperature of a day be 86 or 60?

  • 86
  • 60

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im pretty sure most folks would say mid eighties… but are you so sure?

i’m not sure if i like tampa florida or miami florida better in the dead of winter. there’s usually up to about ten degree variation on the highs… miami is usually 76 and tampa is usually 70 for highs. so to guage which is better, you look at the extremes… miami is ten degrees warmer at the extreme and tampa is ten degrees cooler at the other extreme.

the thing about those extremes, is that the mid eighties is too hot to go outside for too long. sixty degrees is just barely short and t shirt weather, and you may need pants later at night or early in the morning. but at least u can go outside.


60f with 40% humidity is best for me, 35-45% humidity.

It’s 86 here right now.

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I can only understand temperature in degrees Celsius. :frowning:

Ah…found a converter. Still not sure what i prefer though. I like cold sunny weather, but i actually feel with 30 degrees celsius (86f) i am more comfortable outdoors. I like wearing slippers and summer dresses.

I prefer cool temps. I like wearing hoodies or light jackets.

I like it very warm. I just don’t like it outright hot.

Us Canadians got to love cold, no other choice, its the longest season here.

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I like toasty. It’s nice sometimes when it’s hot and you get used to it.

I hate the winter with all the ice, sleet, and snow. I don’t like the cold or dry air. I’d much rather be hot in the summer.

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