What temperature do you think is the nicest?

Yeah Im talking about the weather.

So what temperature do you think is the nicest, most pleasant.

Personally I think people are deluded when they say 30 Celsius, but for me I think 20- 22 Celsius is the most pleasant. What about you??

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I think exactly the same as you said. Sometimes though I really do like to have the odd day thats really cold or really hot.

Halloween weather. 20 characters…

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I like the crisp chill air of fall.


Now I have to get a Celsius converter…LOL
Ok…20 - 22 c will work…I entered 70 - 80 which came up 21.1111 celsius (1111 !) to 26.666… so does that mean after 80 degrees F/26.666 C its hot as hell (666)? LOL

However 30 C (86 F) is nice swimming weather and I like swimming or even just wading in the river… and that can be too chilly when its only 20 - 22 C.

I’ve had summers here where almost every day was between 35 - 40 C and that was too much…even the ACs didnt help a lot and i would spend all day at the water…This year its been 80s F most of the summer so far and that’s awesome…can actually do things outside.

65-70F or 18-21C, I like it cool.

Low enough to feel cool, but not low enough to be cold. When i was a kid I liked the brisk air at dusk when I was heated from playing. The air sort of burned my face. When I went inside it kind of melted.

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I Love 60- 70 degrees and cloudy with light rains.

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80-85 and sunny get to live in it almost year round

You get plenty of that most of the time. idk what it was like in Seattle in 1998 but up north in the Nooksack valley it got to 106 and it didn’t rain for like 6 weeks. I couldn’t believe I camped out in Bellingham and was choking on dust and all the ferns were dying in early September…everyones lawn was brown in August…:frowning:
I did drive to Seattle a few times and it was pretty warm there that summer though…

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like to sleep below 0 degrees celcius.
day time 5 to 15 degrees celcius.
take care

I have to admit I’m a little envious of the Southern California weather. I do love the four seasons in Atlanta, but our winters are too cold and summers too hot and humid. I think I could handle the heat better if our humidity was lower. Fall and Spring here are superb though.

We’ve had a blast of cool dry air for the past several days, very unusual for the end of July, this made me happy:)

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I like autumn weather, about 20 degrees Celsius.
Sunny winter days, with crisp, freezing mornings and nights, and mild to warm days, perfect for walking out on the beach. Then again if I am on the beach, 25 C weather is better, so I can put my feet in the water. Winter is too cold for that. I miss the feeling, but gotta wait for spring… :smile:

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75° F is perfect for me. Any cooler and I’m cold. I can stand up to 85 without sweating.

Here in south Texas, we get these temps only for a few weeks in the spring and fall (its hard to even call them seasons because they’re so short). Then its 4 months of winter and 4 months of intense summer.

Ive been here 6 years and I still cant get comfortable with the weather!