Went into town, came to the conclusion I have agoraphobia

I know people with schizophrenia tend to isolate. But does everybody get stressed out when for example you go out and have a coffee? Is this just ‘something extra’ that I have?

I do slightly. I could never find myself in a bar or something like that. I’m lucky I can go to school, that’s kind of a struggle to do it but I push myself to do it. Peace

Sometimes my anxiety kicks in when I’m in a middle of a crowd

@everhopeful - I have true Agoraphobia, it built up over the years since childhood.

My Agoraphobia came about because of chronic panic disorder and anxiety.

I know that you are on Abilify, when I was on Abilify my Agoraphobia was unbearable - it was difficult for me to walk down the block by myself.

Abilify is known for overstimulating and increasing anxiety - this could be the case with you.

I would definitely mention this to your pdoc.

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Yeah, maybe it’s being caused or worsened by abilify. Thanks.

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I’m more claustrophobic.

Being in a large crowd will do me in…

Too much coming at me… to much energy trying to mingle and connect… and have a conversation…

I LOVE being outside… but I hate being in crowds.

Being in a open quiet park… that will help my head come back to level.