Poll: Where Do You call Home?

  • Canada

  • United States

  • Europe

  • Asia

  • Australia

  • South America

  • In a Van down by the river

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You don’t have to say where you’re from. I was just curious enough to put it in a Poll format, though.

I live in Canada’s Capital…Ottawa.

It’s funny. My wife is French born in Ontario…and I’m English born in Quebec!

Go figure! :wink:

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africa is missing


I KNEW I forgot a continent!! How do you FORGET an entire friggin continent?!


Oh well, that’s me. I tried to correct it but my editing abilities were too late…

I would love to come visit Patrick just tell me when.

It’s a small world Daze…

Perhaps one day we could meet. When we’re both feeling excellent!


Sure I don’t have passport anyway.

I do…maybe I’ll head YOUR way one day!

These days though, I have to save up just to be broke…so travel is out of the question for now


Door’s always open. I could show you field of dreams and caves.

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Hmmm…but now I’m wondering if anybody from Africa does post on this forum?

That would be cool!

Thanks for eventually remembering Africa! :smile: I’m from Cape Town, South Africa down by the sea :sunny:


Ahhh…‘down by the sea’…

I’d forgotten our little mermaid on this forum was from Africa…Saadiqah!


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I live in a little town of about 300 people in eastern Oklahoma six miles from the Arkansas border. The only two small stores in town both closed down. People have to travel to nearby Siloam Springs, Ark. to get groceries and other essentials. They grow a lot of marijuana in these eastern Oklahoma hills. They’ve been working with it for decades, and they have found strains that grow well in this climate. There’s a lot of unused land in this geographical area. On some of the back roads there is hardly one house every five miles. There is an official wilderness area not too far from where I live. Marijuana is Oklahoma’s second biggest cash crop, second only to wheat. Most of it is grown in the Cookson Hills of eastern Oklahoma.

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I live in North America, though I’d love to live in Europe. Maybe the UK or Germany.

I spent two years in Germany when I was in the army. Germany is a beautiful country. The historical ambience really got me. In Oklahoma a building over a hundred years old is a rarity, so seeing all these two and three hundred year old buildings really got me. It’s good if you can get a little bit off the beaten path when you go to Europe. Get away from the tourist traps. I’ll never forget the sense of wonder and discovery I felt when I found the Residenz in Wurzburg, and the sense of letdown I felt when I saw Versaille.


Thank you for sharing what it was like when you were in Germany. It seems like a very lovely country to be in. I can speak a little bit of German, but I haven’t been able to practice it lately because my mood hasn’t really been the best and I haven’t been too motivated to do things. While this isn’t related to the post, that’s very interesting about you being in the army. What did you do while you were in it?

During the two years I spent in Germany I drove an M1113 armoured personel carrier. Back then they took their drivers out of an infantry unit without giving them any special training. The driver learned his trade on the job. A M1113 is easy to drive. An eight year old kid could do it. For the year and nine months I spent at Fort Hood, Texas I was a nuclear, biological, and chemical warfare specialist for an infantry company.

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They didn’t have Pluto on the list, so…

That’s really cool. Thanks for telling me about that. Sorry for the late reply, by the way.