Poll : What is your favorite season of the year?

This poll has probably been done before but I’m drawing a blank on a good topic so…

What is your favorite season of the year?
  • Summer
  • Winter
  • Spring
  • Fall

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My favorite seasons in order are Spring , Fall, Summer , then Winter last.


I honestly can’t decide.

If I have to say

Maybe fall

The leaves, the boots and wooly hats,

Anticipation for Christmas.

That Halloween mood…


My order of seasons would be fall, spring, winter, summer. Summer is just too hot for me


Summer is too hot, spring I have allergies, winter is too cold. Fall is perfect.


I like fall, summer, spring (thunderstorms and tornadoes), and winter (ice, sleet, and cold).


Apparently I’m the only one who loves winter. It’s the best season ever.


Hmm. . .

Cool Poll!.

Wish I Was The True Inventor Of Thus Delicious Poll.

Although I’m Not Really Hungry. And You Can’t Really Eat Polls.

(So I Dunno Why I Am Even Here)

Point Is,

I Love The Halloween Season. The Bare Trees. Branches. ‘Dead Leaves On The Dirty Ground’.

Cool Video, Ch-ch-ch-Check It Out!.

I Also Love Christmas. I Love How Every Christmas Morning, The Idea Of Kid’s Wrestling Each Other To Open Their Gift’s First Is Fun. While The Parents Drinking Coffee Laugh And Take Pictures.

Although The Beginning Of Summer Is Always Nice. Jus As That Frost Finally Slowly Disappears.

But!, I Like It When The Cool Air Begins To Freeze The Ground.

So It’s A Heated Debate With Me And My Psychological Senses And Childhood.

Which Makes A Great Poll!.

Good Job!. @Bowens

And Great Job For Everyone Who Participated.

You Should All Be Proud Of Yourselves.

Have A Nonalcoholic Drink On ME (!!!).


I miss the snow. I want to build an ice castle.


spring, fall, winter, summer

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I like the sun and the flowers in spring and the fallen leaves in the autumn.

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Well, it looks like fall is a clear winner. I’m kind of surprised that winter is ahead of summer though.

Our climate is summer or winter. Even then winter is mild so like today the temp was 21 degrees C but some cool winds made it cooler. Still. No snow. High heat in summer. I’d love to experience fall and spring in other climates where it’s a greater change…Welcome to the semi tropics!

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Definitely fall for me. My birthday is then and it just feels nice to me

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I thought that you spent some time in the US when you were married? Am I remembering wrong? You did not get to experience them then? Or was it so short a time that you did not get to experience the seasons?

Was down in Nola for two years so New Orleans…we went up to NW Arkansas but never in real fall. I would have liked to have seen that! New Orleans is similar to Brisbane but with hurricanes…we rarely get cyclones down here in Brisbane…

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The order is fall,spring, winter, then summer. Summer is the worst season in my opinion.

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I like summer but I need to be looking good and being in shape because otherwise the sun shows all my problem areas on my face

And if I’m overweight hot weather is NOT NICE

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