Poll: What is important to you?

How will you invest your time wisely?

  • WORK

Do we have to pick only one?

I’d have to say family and community with the odd friend in there too.

As the poll functionality somewhat limited, it only allows one selection.

Please reply in addition to vote.

The answer of my A#1 priority is school and learning. Gotta work, used to love it, now I hate it!

Family, Community. :satisfied:

Education. :school: :school_satchel:

My fiancée is the most important to me.

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Yeah definitely hard to choose. I’d say health or family. Hard to ignore the importance of the ones who have helped you the most.


Nature, family. Nature will always be there.

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^gotta agree on nature

living and working in harmony with the seasons. Nothing like it. Very healing and harmonious.

I had to pick spirituality…I could combine that with family if family includes being with your partner - the one you love… nature isn’t on there but that too would go with the others… All 3 are important but i don’t see how i would have a meaningful relationship without spirituality, and spirituality automatically involves nature too…

^ 11:11 also is important but that is part of spirituality…

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I would say spirituality, because I can’t live without God, and I want to do my duty to Him. But I must say family, too, because my husband means a lot to me. And leisure - me time is also important to recharge my batteries!

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I wish there was an All of the above option.


Family,romance and physical and mental health

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