Poll : What do you think is the greatest threat to humanity?

I’ve been reading an article on catastrophic threats facing humans this morning and thought I’d make a poll with some of the threats they mentioned. Which threat worries you the most?

What do you think is the greatest threat to humanity?
  • Nuclear Weapons and other weapons of mass destruction
  • Global Warming
  • Declining water supplies
  • Chemical pollution
  • Rising food insecurity
  • Pandemics
  • Over population
  • Collapse of ecosystems and loss of biodiversity
  • Other

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Humans themselves. I don’t see us surviving very long. We do a really good job of screwing things up.


I think collectively they’re all going to end us

Can’t pick one!


I think a lot of these are equally bad at destroying the planet but I would guess that pandemics would kill us off first.

I mean for example, antibiotic resistance comes to mind. If there is a bacterial disease pandemic that rapidly mutates

but then again there may be some survivors so maybe global warming because that could just wipe us all out


Lots of things will kill most of us off

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Eventually, all it will really take is time.

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disparity of money, and those with billions

controlling the human race.

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Eat the rich, nuke the whales, watch the world burn.

It’s past time for a change.


Pandemics and wars.

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They are all of concern, but I put global warming. Apparently in the 1980s they determined that if the global temperature Rose by another six degrees, our atmosphere would start to peel away. Now we are only two degrees away from doing permanent, possibly irreversible damage to our atmosphere. Things that make you go huh


nobody really talked about it much in the 80’s,

we just had Farm Aid concerts.

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I believe I asked my mom to give, and she said, No.

and we’re in Iowa!

I’ll tell a little story of what I’m concerned about.

I had a dream probably a month ago. In the dream Xi introduced me to himself. I know there will be a one world gov. I’m hoping and thinking it will be America and allies. This dream says something different. I’m a little scared because of all the propaganda(?) against China. A kinda fear of the unknown. I’m hoping China is a good steward of this earth. The Chinese culture and people are absolutely amazing. Also Xi was a really nice guy.

Maybe that’s not what the dream meaning is. I’m not an interpreter of dreams.


not to turn this political, and get hidden, but one reason why Trump refused to go to the G7 Summit.

I forgot about the politics rule. My bad.

Things change. I liked the “Good Earth” book growing up and other things. Asian women are beautiful too haha…

I had delusions or concerns we lived in a hostile alien computer simulation/program and the good guys British Empire won in in 2136-3000 based on my schizophrenia of Philip K Dick and Man in the High Castle. The British Round Table conspiracy that England and her English speaking allies will win or control the NWO (different faction) and it’s my most crazy, wildest prediction/conspiracy theory out there that is so crazy it makes me question my own sanity. I don’t think anyone believes in it.

Like I remember world war 3 happening on the TV in a distant past life/parallel universe then a fake or real /real enough alien invasion then the planet trying to unite and the British defeating the aliens using some unknown physics breakthrough and stuff. I don’t think we’ll see the old british empire, but we could see artistratic/socialist government returning. Maybe USA wins the the NWO and conquers the world, but nobody wants that…apparently…

I still think or enjoy my delusions that USA is still connected or controlled by the British and the Queen controls the Illuminati…

My thoughts exactly only instead of saying all humans i would say only the biggest ass holes are the greatest threat


He also didn’t go cuz tired of paying for everything!

Good people don’t die :slight_smile:

I think John Mellencamp would disagree, ha.