Poll: Immortality the scientific or religious way?



2300 AD

Superhuman powers are available to common citizenry

…Even now, there are segments of society which are adamant in maintaining a natural, minimally upgraded human body. These people are now a definite minority, however, given the practical immortality and other benefits offered by transhumanism.


Psalm 37:29

The righteous will inherit the land and dwell in it forever.

  1. I prefer immortality through science advancement
  2. I prefer everlasting life as foretold in the Bible

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hah dude what have you been reading tonight? lol

I read about future predictions (22nd centuries and beyond) days before. Then I read about failed prophecies (1st century to 20th century) today.

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Do I get a preference? Really?


Why wish to be immortal, especially as a cyborg? Life is so miserable in so many ways, that i would prefer death, over living in a shell called “body”. Arent the greatest feelings we have spiritual in nature, rather than bodily? Wouldnt you rather feel tranquility and freedom, rather than eating a hamburger for the thousand of times?

Yes. …