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So for the past number of years my Father has given me $2,000 at Christmas time.

I’m really broke right now and want to have a less stressful holiday with Hon and the girls. Would it be presumptuous to ask my Dad for a $1,000 loan, and then pay him back after the holidays? I don’t want to take advantage of his generosity, but I could really use the money up front.

Should I ask Pop for the money?

  • No! Sod Off!
  • Yeah. Shake down the old man!
  • Other

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1,000 is a lot of money. If it’s not a financial strain to him. We sometimes in the past have asked for financial help, but we’ve made sure to pay them back right away. It would probably help to be specific about what you are spending it on. As it is your dad.

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The loan would be just to play catch-up with some bills, and to buy some X-Mas presents for the family.

I’d pay him back of course.

You don’t have to justify it with me, but your dad.

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I only get around 200 in stuff for Christmas…
2,000 would be a godsend!


I started Christmas shopping early and was finished ages ago. This allowed me to spread the cost over months.

So ask for the loan and just start shopping really early next year.

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Your Dad just GIVES you 2 grand at Christmas?!? Personally, I would just be thankful that I got sh*t but I suppose you think bigger the more they give. It’s an ugly cycle. Good luck.

I’d explain to your dad the situation then ask for half your Xmas present. I wouldn’t say a dollar amount. Then again I don’t know your relationship dynamics etc.

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