POLL : Early diagnosis/Duration of Untreated Psychosis

What about DUP : Duration of Untreated Psychosis?

Do you think you’ve been diagnosed on time?

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I should have been diagnosed 5 years earlier.

I was diagnosed after 6 weeks of psychosis. I think it’s fairly reasonable compared to most people.

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I was diagnosed 5 yrs after having psychotic symptoms…:alien:

I started hearing voices and have fear and paranoia when I was 15. Almost 15 years later I got bad delusions and more paranoia. Got diagnosed when I was 32.

For me insidious entry by premorbid phase of about ten years with a continued deterioration from 11 y.o (triggering role of growth hormone in SZ etiology???) until massive delusional episode when 22 y.o… The pdoc I’ve seen when 15y.o. misdiagnosed depression. Teachers at school may have noticed some strange behaviors but didn’t react. My parents didn’t react : themselves involved in their own psychiatric disorders : mother also misdiagnosed by another pdoc. The problem is that pdocs have no tests to support their diagnosis. Lot of time is lost before effective treatment engaged.


I’ve had symptoms of psychosis my entire life. If I would have been treated earlier there’s a good chance I would have never developed PTSD from what I experienced.

I definitely should’ve been treated earlier, would’ve saved a lot of heart ache for me, family and friends. Ignorance on mental illness is a real issue here.

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Ignorance is not only that of general public with its specific stigma and its consequences in terms of sociability but also that of pdocs themselves who are mainly centered on dopaminergic thesis, associated antipsychotics and primitive DSM diagnosis tool. The gap is huge between research in schizophrenia disorder, miles above the reality of clinical psychiatry. In that domain, the role of BIG PHARMA as a brake to innovation is also huge. Medications are simply fine petro-chemistry! Antipsychotics, massively prescribed by an under command academic psychiatry (aka PSYCRACY) are mainly blockbusters, direct in the pocket of BIG PHARMA which fully belongs to BIG OIL ; itself wholly owned by the world’ rulers of the financial industry (aka MONEY MAFIA). Schizophrenia : a crucial, profession-sustaining and … of course very lucrative myth that has to be perpetuated by any means. Nobody, except SZ and their families is not too interested by a revolution in mental health business. BIG PHARMA is the most profitable industry in the world.

Yeah five years before I got the right diagnosis - by saying the diagnosis was finally right I mean I got the right kind of meds. Also may have quit drugs sooner if I got the right diagnosis earlier.