Effects of Prodromal Stage and Untreated Psychosis on Subsequent Psychopathology of Schizophrenia: A Path Analysis

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I had no prodrome. A researcher I talked to said that meant I had a better prognosis. I’m not sure if I believe it or how that effects me

I have heard that a quick descent into psychosis points to a better prognosis than a gradual descent into psychosis .

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That doesnt bode well for me then - that had psychosis for about 8 years untreated, until a doctor screamed that i should have been treated sooner. Wankers.

About a 7 year prodrome for me

Social anxiety(what it would now be called) - a few months before I was 14
Depression - 15/16
First saw pdoc - few months before I was 17
First hospitalisation and put on APs- 18 and 4 months