Poll= do you worried about covid19?

  • Yes i m afraid to get this virus very much
  • İ have fear but not extreme
  • İ don t care about virus

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Death is rare, around 1 or 2 percent depending on your source. I am more worried about the long term effects and the damage it can do to your body, that seems more prevalent, I don’t want to develop another chronic illness.

It is pretty common to have lingering or chronic symptoms after serious viral infections. I don’t think we should be overreacting to news about this. Most will probably have mild symptoms and symptoms that eventually go away.

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I had it, It was pretty mild and I got over it quick, was not as scary as people make it out to be – maybe Im just lucky

İ think i got this virus at my school last year november before covid19 break out.it was really strong.i think it took about 2 weeks to get over it

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