Poll: Do you think you can pass as normal

  • Yes
  • No

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Until I can’t get out of bed the next day


I think so. I have not done anything out of the ordinary in public so far. Knock on wood.

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Yep, so long as I’m not expected to hold conversation much longer past pleasantries.

At work, I’m the top of my team. I do just as much work as my full time colleagues and complain 90% less than them.


I pass as normal so far. Unless I mention anytihng about the voices or whatever, I don’t appear “off” to anyone.


I believe that most people do not know I am ill unless I tell them. Maybe a little weirdness, like being strangely quiet, but otherwise I think I pass as normal.


I have had episodes where I am obviously mentally ill, however, when I am not psychotic, I am not even remotely weird. I am quite normal.


I was looking for a choice that said, “For a while.”


Maybe for a short while, but I think after a while I give out too many physical or non physical signs to be taken as normal.

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I don’t think I pass as normal. Because whenever I am in a group of normies, and everybody is going around asking each others occupations or former occupations, they always bypass me. It’s as if they can tell that I am mentally ill and that I don’t work, or haven’t worked in years, just by looking at me.
Once I told an acquaintance, who doesn’t know anything about my sza, that I was an “emotional basketcase”. And she said, “yes, I can tell”. That took me aback. To her credit, she was a former R.N.

I don’t pass as normal by any stretch of the imagination, but most people say they would have no idea I was sz if I didn’t tell them.


For years I could. I don’t know how… though the paranoia rather than making me an erratic mess would actually make me a better actor because I didn’t think it was acceptable to show that side of me to any of the scary people. Though like other people say there was a limit. You spend more than a little time with me and I fall apart.

The last few years though I’m too awkward and jittery. And my facial expressions are out of my control.

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I had this woman therapist for 5 or 6 years. After I had been talking to her for three years she told me one day that if she did not know from the charts that I’m schizophrenic, that she would never be able to tell.


I am pretty high functioning. yes, I can pass for a normal when I have to at the grocery store etc.


I can as long as i don’t mention things to people


I give off a lot of signals that identify me as unbalanced, but sometimes I can pull the wool over people’s eyes and make them think I am a model of stability.


“Do you think you can pass as normal?”

I don’t interact much, so I don’t know.
mom definitely thinks I’m not normal, regardless what I do.

Lol, fat chance.


I’m quite normal. My family and collegues and friends are largely comfortable around me. I do a lot of things by myself. A lot of time I’m performing well. It’s just that my thinking and memory are not as good. I’m not the same smart person I used to be. I need to pay extra effort to do simple tasks like listening.


Can I pass as “normal”?
Probably for a short period of time, but eventually others would see that something is off with me.