POLL: Do you have flat/blunted affect? When is it worst?

  • Yes, and it’s worst on medication.
  • Yes, and it’s worst unmedicated.
  • No.

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My affect is not that bad. It is less animated than before but within the normal range. I do not really have negative symptoms.

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The medications are serious. But walking around with a psychosis is even worse. That is why everyone has to find the right balance between psychosis and medication.


not anymore :slight_smile: x

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I think I’ve been apathetic in the past. Went through a phase where I never bothered to play any records and only played my guitar when I was high, so I know what it is to stop feeling pleasure.
For a long time I told myself that I was self-medicating to compensate, but in reality I was still chasing extremes. For me at least, when I got high or drunk, it wasn’t to feel normal, i was getting ■■■■■■-up.
Now I think I’m all there. I’m feeling everything, I’m actually a little volatile at times. But not like when i was off meds.
My problems are now more centered around losing my temper and not being able to deal with the small stuff. But as far as blunted affect, I think those days are over.

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I had flat affect before and after meds.

That’s good that you don’t have it anymore. I feel like mine has definitely gotten better over the past couple years.

Yeah, I was going to put a “I had it with both” option, but I decided not to. I have had it on medication and off of medication also, but it’s worst for me off of medication for some reason.

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I go through periods where I’m very flat. But it was worse on meds

Much worse off medication.

Much worse off meds and weed. It’s weird. Weed has given me my emotions back, but it’s causing other problems.

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I’ve been told that I have a flat affect and I’ve been told by dates that they “can’t take [my] flat affect”. But I also know that I have a beautiful smile and I’ve been told by many, over the years, that I do anyway.

Yeah, I used to smoke weed multiple times everyday, and it helped me with flat affect in my opinion. I had to stop due to paranoia. I didn’t always have paranoia from it, but around the time I had been smoking weed for maybe three months, I relapsed, and many of many symptoms that had been gone for at least a year came back, and I got many new ones also. That’s when I had to stop smoking it, because it caused extreme paranoia.

Yeah, it has strain-based effects on my psychosis, it seems. Higher CBD strains cause me less distress. I’m planning to stop soon.

I used to get this blunted effect when I first started meds but now it’s totally gone and I feel normal :slight_smile: so yeyy!

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Yay! That’s great.

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