POLL: Are you an introvert or extrovert?

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Interesting results…

Introvert here - what about you?

Definitely an introvert.

So introverted…

Introvert as well…

I could go the rest of my life without talking to anyone in-person, other than for strictly business matters like shopping & talking to a cashier or something.

However, internet socialization is addicting & is a good outlet. I guess I’m simply less introverted on the internet.

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I am extroverted as hell! I used to be extremely shy, but once I got sick it was like someone flipped the social skills switch in my brain. I don’t know why I went the reverse of most people.


Depends on which way my bipolar is going that day. Depressed? Serious introvert. Hypomanic? Serious extrovert. It think it confuses people sometimes. It sure as heck confuses me.



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Introvert who is learning to be an extrovert when I need to.


So true. 151515

:wink: my exact words.

Meh I’m working on it. The extroverts make it seem like somethings you are just supposed to do… Like not worry about what other think and speak your mind and all that…

Unfortunately the more noise I make the more critical people get.

But I’m an outlier than sorts.

It’s funny people can’t even argue with me… And they know it… So they just insult me.

But that’s probably the sz talking… Who knows.

Both intro- and extro-vert, depending how I feel, or how well I am…
Really enjoyed acting at school so became quite good at hiding nervousness behind a mask and drawing other people out… social lubricant.
Feel like I need social interaction to know I exist but want to have my own space where people aren’t welcome, at least sometimes.

I’m actually introverted.

Except my brain has split from my body from profound religious teachings— So consequently I find my self in places I actually never want to be in.

I’m an ambivert.


I used to be extrovert until I got ill. Then my personality changed to introvert. Very strange.

I am both types

I am a introverted extrovert .