Pokemon Go?

I started playing at the end of August.

For a few weeks, I was walking quite a bit every day. Felt good but my skin is very sensitive so I got some bad sunburns a few times. I much prefer going out at night, but my paranoia tends to be worse then, so I don’t go far from the house.

It’s nice to feel like I have a “reason” to go out, when ordinarily I hate leaving the house so much. It’s also fun and I’ve met so many local people who play. I wish I could find a group of locals to walk around with.

Do any of you play?


Sometimes I play it, but I don’t like to go around with my smartphone exposed. I just open the game when I’m in a different place.

I got just 10 pokémons.

I’m on level 40. Jkjk I don’t play but my friends do.

I do play it. Im lvl 17 what about you? :slight_smile:

All my friends play, but I can’t get over the idea that it access your GPS.

I’m level 21 and starting to get bored. It’s a real grind.

In the early days I was getting more exercise though.

What is your best Pokemon? Mine is a Lapras I think.

I just hit 16 the other day!

haven’t caught anything in the past two days though. haven’t been going out.

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shrug it seems like a necessary risk.

I’m more concerned when apps ask for access to my contacts, mic, phone, social media. but I try not to think about it. there’s really not a lot of personally identifying info on my phone for that reason.

I hatched an 1138 Lapras a few days ago. Stationed her in a gym right away. That’s my best right now, but I’m trying to build up my Vaporeon to get over 1k.

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Some ap’s increase sensitivety to sunlight! So cover up and Wear sunscreen.

My legs peeled really badly from wearing shorts earlier in the year…