Poem - new day

A little boy sits on the shore of the Black Sea
watching the rising sun in the horizon
in this new day of his adventures
seeing planes flying above
seeing the war ships passing to the ports
without really understanding all
he plans his day and journey
as always before
wondering what to do
people have chosen to join Russia
too much for him to understand
only remembering news from the last evening
how the propaganda machines sent their messages
to all sides he thinks without understanding
what will be his future?
where shall he end up in the future?
he, the little boy, does not know in this sunny morning
as always he tries to make some sense out of all this
in the mercy of greater powers of the East and the West
he sits alone watching as events evolve
without really taking any sides
other than being as good as possible
as this new day has begun he watches the future
without knowing where it all ends
as every other morning in the past
the little boy smiles in the sunshine :slight_smile: