Poem: Darkness

It is light and the Sun is shining,
see the light disappearing
my mind entering something unknown
something dark, black, can’t see
only the distant light in the past
in the darkness my mind takes its journey
hearing voices of unknowns and knowns
black, dark voices telling things, asking matters
can I refuse to follow what these say to me?
maybe, maybe not
still travelling in the complete darkness
don’t see anything, nothing at all
what’s that?
a little light somewhere, a candle maybe
changing my direction toward the light
in the distant there is hope, hope for the future
travelling in the darkness
the light becomes larger, showing the way
the darkness turns to light
voices are disappearing, those dark sounds
going faster toward the light
is it the Sun? the Sun again
reaching closer and closer
my mind is becoming clearer
dark voices have disappeared
only seeing the light of the Sun
having the hope again, the hope for the future
it is completely light, dark and black voices in the past
feeling happy again
coming back to the home again
I am saved!

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