Poem: Glimpse of Hope

It is dark
with weird voices
telling you to do things
dark things you do not want to
no light, just depressive rythms
the rythms of monsters, blackness
bad ways of humans treating others
coercefully, badly
making people to feel sad, bad, low
would there just be a little light?
the candle of hope in all this sadness
maybe just a little glimpse
the little glimpse of goodness, delight
lifting the spirit up again
from the swamp of strange voices
causing chaos in my mind
maybe just the glimpse of bright light
guiding in a new direction
out of this depression
to a new, refreshed mind
seeing the hope, even just a little glimpse of it
taking my spirit to the sun, the sunshine
to a new life without voices, without chaos
maybe just for a moment
maybe for the life time
reaching this glimpse by my hand
hoping to catch some happiness
fresh air, fresh ideas, fresh thoughts
even just for the moment of brightness
out of this blackness to light
just for the glimpse of it.